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A woman with several names and more than one buried past flees to the plains of her childhood, moving into the lives of the people there like a great storm, whose occasional flashes illuminate the greater darknesses that both the fugitive and those pursuing her thought they had long ago escaped.

The Late Man (1993)

"What a crime novel ought to be" -- Ruth Rendell


"The best mystery novel of the year" -- Tony Hillerman


"This is a wonderful novel about three unforgettable people, about grace and love, solitude and hope." -- Andre Dubus


The discovery of what is apparently the latest victim of a long-silent serial killer joins together the lives of a cop haunted by past failures, a female police reporter who is herself under the spell of a predator, and the title character, a former police reporter living on the fringes of his own life, still stunned by grief and betrayal

Changing All Those Changes (1976)

"James Girard's first short novel ... does for youth and adolescence what Bellow's SEIZE THE DAY does for middle-aged manhood or what Tillie Olson's TELL ME A RIDDLE does for the beauties of a woman's spirit in old age. ...I have read no other short novel generating anything like Mr. Girard's powerfully rich vision of the naturalness and beauty and terror of being young and alone. dramatizes in enormously moving fashion the poetic and poignant moment when a young man manages to assume responsibility for his life." -- John Hawkes


(52-page novella, published by Ishmael Reed and Al Young, at Yardbird Press, Palo Alto, CA)